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Full address of the German Multiple Sclerosis Organisation in Cologne:


Deutsche Multiple Sklerose Gesellschaft Köln und Umgebung e.V.
Beratungsstelle Köln
Rolshover Straße 7-9
51105 Köln


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Marie-Luise Esser


Markus Paulußen, born in 1965, lives in Bielefeld. He studied history of art and architecture, German language and literature studies at the University of Aachen. He received his doctor`s degree for his thesis about Jan Brueghel.
Currently he is working at the university in Bielefeld as information manager, responsible for the internet. He takes care of everything to do with the internet: digital publishing, web design programming, corporate design, accessibility help, and social media. Markus’ hobbies are photography which lets him run up to top form and which he has made his own art due to his “loving glance at people” (cited Anke Breuer), hiking in the alps, art and architecture.

Anke Breuer, born in 1971, lives in Cologne. She studied foreign languages at the first foreign language state school in NRW. Later translator- and interpreter exams followed and professional activities internationally.
She lived and worked for some years in Bulgaria. Currently she is working in a family firm in Cologne, at the same time she is an active partner in the family’s own hotel “La Soleillade” in Southern France. She writes prose texts and short stories. Anke’s hobbies she usually feeds with words (see Anke’s text panels). She writes, writes, writes texts all the time. Publications in several different anthologies, short-prose texts in Katrin Huber’s new artist book, Salzburg, Austria, 2018.