Our idea, our planning, our project - our "change of track"

Current exhibition:


As from November our Spurwechsel exhibition is presented at Neurologische Rehabilitationszentrum Godeshöhe (www.godeshoehe.de) in Bad Godesberg (Waldstraße 2, 53177 Bonn). Including all candidates portrayed within the last four years! For more information: https://www.godeshoehe.de/aktuelles.html (due to Covid-19, visitors are currently not allowed).


Former exhibitions: 

  • Parish St. Pankratius in Cologne
  • Inclusive Meeting and Conference Centre of the Gold Kraemer Foundation in Frechen
  • Historic Town Hall of Cologne
  • Teerstegen House in Cologne-Sülz
  • Citizens Centre Cologne-Ehrenfeld (called “BüzE“)
  • Catholic Family Education Centre in Bergheim
  • University in Düsseldorf-Derendorf, including opening event with the Hertie Foundation 
  • Politechnic of small- and medium-sized businesses (FHM) in the Rolling Mill in Pulheim (World-MS-Day opening 2018)
  • Ford Plant in the north of Cologne
  • University of Bielefeld
  • Horion-Haus of the Regional Authority in Köln-Deutz (Hertie prizegiving for social engagement and selfhelp 2017)
  • Education Centre in the centre of Cologne, Neumarkt (World-MS-Day opening 2017)
  • Protestant Church (Auferstehungskirche) in Köln-Bocklemünd
  • Rautenstrauch-Joest museum (World-MS-Day opening 2016)

„Spurwechsel“ - "Change of track".

We started with a two-day-photo-interview-programme. We met very different people with most diverse ways of life but one unalterable common ground: the MS-Diagnosis.
We experienced very intensive 48 hours. All inclusive: funny moments, sad stories, moving curriculum vitae. Anke asked, listened, followed up, wrote down. Markus circled the people with his camera, was lying on the floor, changed the perspective and spontaneously found ideas for photos which did justice to the expression "Spurwechsel", i.e. ”Change of Track”. After these two days with our new friends the fine adjustments were made: selecting photos and editing them. Compiling meaningful life collages for each individual person. To read conversations laterally and think them over. To write crisp summaries  for each individual. To develop flyers as well. To find a suitable compositions. To design the corresponding text. To create a homepage and put it online. To organise everything. To check results and check again and again. To get all participants together. And a lot more. 


That’s how we tackled the honorary MS-Photo-Text-Project. The first results consisting of five large photo collages with corresponding  text panels which introduce our first five MS affected people were presented at the opening of the World-MS-Day in NRW on Saturday, 21. May 2016, in fact in a very artistic surrounding, that is to say in the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum (VHS-Forum) in Cologne.

After that we met more people who we photographed, interviewed, got to know . More information on the homepage of the DMSG Cologne (www.dmsg-koeln.de).


We are very proud of our ”Change of Track” and look forward to more! Whoever is interested to join us, please get in touch by telephone or email using the contact data in the website credits at the DMSG in Cologne.


For the organizers: Our exhibition can also be requested at the DMSG and loaned out.




Anke, Marie-Luise and Markus

Here you can find a radio interview by Björn Krombusch for Radio Köln:

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